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Andrea Bürger


Hello, thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little.  

I am Andrea Bürger. I have lived in the very beautiful region of Kitzbühel for most of my life.
I am a passionate and connected wedding planner who is focussed on making sure that your wedding day,
is the most memorable day of your lives.    

Since 2005, I gained extensive experience in the hospitality industry across Austria and the United Kingdom.
I specialised in catering (Chef De Rang) but also have front of house and broader hospitality management experience.   

Living and working across this amazing region has enabled me to foster strong relationships with local wedding event partners,
who together, we form a team focussed on creating your dream wedding. 

I am savvy with every little detail, and fluent in
German and English.

My hospitality experience, regional knowledge, local supplier network and wedding event planning expertise makes

“One Stop Shop” for getting married in the  Kitzbühel region.  

It is very important I meet you as a couple to understand what your dream wedding looks like.
If you are local (to the Kitzbühel region), I can meet in person. Otherwise I`m more than happy to set up a video call.   

I am excited to hear about what your dream wedding is, and how the HEARTBEAT WEDDING Team can help bring this to life for you.  

Thank you, Andrea Bürger

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