Weddings with heart and sensitivity in Kitzbühel


“Heartbeat –” weddings are organized by Andrea Bürger (28) with heart and sensitivity – with love, true and individuality.
Kitzbühel | She has also established an online wedding platform for all wedding service providers in the region of Kitzbühel.

More time for each other
“Time is the most valuable thing you can’t buy,” Auracher says with a smile. That’s exactly what she wants to give her bridal couple: More time for each other, guests, the most beautiful day of their lives, which they should enjoy with due and stress – free enjoyment. “If a bridal couple have to coordinate everything on their own, that means enormous pressure and overburdening – and then suddenly you should shine at the push of a button. But preparations and the wedding day should not be a big to – do list, but full of emotions and lasting memories.”

Service tailor made
At the same time, Andreas Service is always tailored to suit their couples and their budgets. They can help you from the marriage proposal to the honeymoon, whether for advice regarding the wedding, depending on their wishes.

Dream fulfilled
After a solid training at the Hallstromerat in Aurach she went abroad to gain international experiences – most recently as a Sous boss at a 5-star hotel in London – and she made a great success with her career. She was also a trained cook and restaurant specialist. “Incidentally, the extent to which I love to be with others and to plan events has always been clear,” said Andrea. She felt it was time for her future vision when she returned home. She graduated from the Wedding Planner and finally became an independent person.

The many years of catering, during which Andrea organized numerous weddings already, gave her a qualified eye, what really matters in weddings. Modestly smiling the 28-year – old reveals, “I have also a heartfelt, empathic feeling that usually gives me the opportunity to tell people their lips about their wishes.” This instinct and its wealth of experience and perfection are the recipes of Andreas’s successful marriages in real emotions. Furthermore, she has a large network for her couples.

Online platform
In addition to satisfying their clients it is very important for Andrea and her IT developers to create an online platform for all service providers to register freely and place their advertising: “www.” “What does it mean? In addition to satisfaction? “Everyone is welcome and enhance our wedding Platform in the Kitzbühel Alps, whether large businesses or individuals, for instance the pretty decorative items.” Andrea explains.