Weddings with heart and sensitivity in Kitzbühel


The “www.yourkitzbü” facilitates wedding in our lovely country.
We’ll make dreams together

Feel the same thing, that she sometimes turns to watch the wild emperor, respires deeply and feels great gratitude, on this beautiful spot to live?

Kitzbühel | The Alpine fawn region is not only one of the most beautiful, it is also one of the highest quality of life. For some people what we can almost understand is one thing that is worth the journey. In addition to the classic foliage destination which developed megatrend some years ago, I’ll tell you today: my name is Andrea Citizen, Kitzbühlerin with love and heart for my job! I know the relevant market and the numbers as a wedding planner and these are simply sensational! And while many economies overflow stagnant or backward, suicidal markets complain of a “rising star in Horizon,” which leaves faster. Weddings!

Did you know that…

  • Happy couples in our small ones decide to marry a paradise every year over 2000.
  • On average, couples 15,000 Euro for their dream wedding performance. For our region, that means at least 25,000,000 euro a year!
  • There’s each third marriage that comes. This indicates that people are involved and not from the region.
  • This wedding incoming market has increased massively over the last year, (about 12? over the last three years), and you generate revenues here, as a regional provider, as they become visible for the target group!

As a regional provider, you should benefit from this economic boom as much as possible! www.yourkitzbü is the largest regional high – time platform at the start of 1 January 2019.
These regional suppliers present worldwide are here in the future, they will have interesting offers in the “Wedding” area. So some couples want to marry the future of this region, which makes it easy to discover regional providers. Where exactly your word of YES would like to give your guests a place where they can celebrate and wherever they want. Where the decoration of the flower comes from who makes the bride, who takes photos who makes the marriage keep who is baking the pastry? Everything.
Decisions that will be discovered, decided and commissioned in the future via www.yourkitzbü We,’s dream team, have it as our goal to make Kitzbühel a dream destination for everyone. We want regional providers, hosts and service providers to judge their potential target group directly and without complications. To be future people who love the beautiful day of their lives in our region, visit www.yourkitzbühel. Choose your favorite partner to go to a wedding. Just say to yourself, as Heart provider, that people support your dream come true and generate good sales with it. A good organized form to make contact possible.
So that their entrepreneurs heart beat higher.

PS. All local suppliers which have been available at www.yourkitzbühel until 31 December 2018 (cost – free). Register marriage – another SPECIAL expected, as a small one Surprise. P.R. Review